Frauke Werner



Take advantage of my focused and reliable working methods and my years of management experience.


Develop ideas for the future, general principles and strategies:
to define a clear direction and motivate employees in the long term.

Set priorities and give structure to needs and responsibilities:
to clearly define objectives.

Clarify goals and intermediate steps and manage them efficiently:
to be sure of success in the long run.

Identify and exploit the potential for conflict:
to channel your energy in the right direction.

Improve management and team work:
to use potential and increase overall performance.

Optimize business relationships and partnerships:
to strengthen your important business contacts over time.

Strengthen communication skills:
to communicate successfully even in difficult situations.

Take appropriate action during change or in the event of a crisis:
to stay on track and keep your objectives in sight.

Organize meetings and workshops efficiently:
to save time and define goals quickly and effectively.

Take on personal challenges:
to ensure your private and professional development.

I begin each assignment by meeting personally with a potential client. The meeting is nonbinding and serves to determine whether my expertise is what you need to deal with the challenges you or your business are facing. After the meeting we decide whether to continue and if so, how to organize our collaborative effort.
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