Frauke Werner





Depending on the individual requirements of an assignment and your objectives, we select the method that is best suited to ensure long-term success. Regardless of which method is chosen, it is important here to work together on finding imaginative and creative solutions that actually work and support you in achieving your goals.

Coaching will

  • recognize and encourage talent and potential.
  • reflect on the present situation, define plans for change, and implement them step by step.
  • identify limiting behavior patterns and develop alternatives that ensure success.
  • analyze and improve one’s own communication behavior.

Training sessions will

  • improve expertise in a given area.
  • organize processes of change, such as team restructuring, in the best way.
  • cultivate new behavioral patterns in discussion groups and ensure they are transferred to everyday practice.
  • use the dynamics of the group and its communication skills to find practical solutions.


I can facilitate and navigate company meetings for you. This allows you to:
  • devote yourself entirely to the purpose of the meeting, not its process.
  • work specifically on key issues (ideas for the future, strategies, restructuring).
  • identify and resolve conflicts within teams and departments.
  • restimulate the creative process.