Frauke Werner



My Qualifications


I use systemic approaches based on purposeful and solution-oriented methods.

I am certified as a:

  • DVNLP [German Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming] teaching trainer
  • NLP [neuro-linguistic programming] trainer and consultant (NLPU Robert Dilts, University of California, Santa Cruz, United States; GTC [Global NLP Training and Consulting Community]; DVNLP)
  • NLP coach (Besser-Siegmund Institut, Hamburg; DVNLP)
  • Business and management coach (ECA [European Coaching Association])
  • wingwave coach (Besser-Siegmund Institut, Hamburg)

Other relevant education and training:

  • Hypno-systemic coaching and consulting (Dr. med. Gunther Schmidt, Heidelberg)
  • ProSa Process-oriented systemic constellation work (Dipl. Psych. Thies Stahl, Hamburg)
  • Additional education in communications psychology (University of Hamburg, School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences)
  • "Improv Theater – Techniques for Trainers and Coaches" (with actor and trainer John Hudson, Cologne)
  • Mediation practice with a focus on business (Akademie Anita von Hertel, Hamburg)
  • "Social Panorama – Mental Space as the Center in Coaching"”, a course on perception, orientation and action planning (with social psychologist Lucas Derks, Netherlands)

I have had 15 years of management experience in the IT sector with a special focus on financial management and project monitoring, human resources, and administration.